Meet the Team

Our Lab Team

The Moon Ape Lab team is a dynamic fusion of creative visionaries, tech-savvy strategists, and industry leaders determined to propel NFT innovation in the web3 frontier. Let's meet them...

Project Lead / CEO

Born in Cape Town and raised in the UK, Queen has a wealth of experience to draw upon. She boasts an impressive track record as a successful business leader in the Medical Devices Industry. During that period, Queen started as a top-performing sales rep and eventually took the reins of sales organisations at several multimillion-dollar blue-chip companies. Her forte lies in problem-solving, and she thrived on turning underperforming teams, who lacked structure and motivation, into high-performing and loyal team mates. With a vast skill set and a natural ability to juggle multiple tasks and coordinate teams effectively, Queen keeps Moon Ape Lab fluid and relevant as the web3 landscape constantly shifts. In 2018, she shifted gears to pursue new business ventures and now enjoys her free time outdoors, indulging in music, exploring new places, and playing poker

Creative Director

Yeah66 was born in Holland, and is a married father of two boys, with his youngest still living at home. Yeah has ventured into many different areas of work in his life, but found himself mostly in the sales and marketing field and in 2003 he started his own successful marketing company with a heavy focus on affiliate marketing. Yeah joined the Moon Ape Lab family right at day zero and got involved with creating videos to promote the project. As a key member of the core team Yeah has chosen to make this his full time job and it is evident that the work he produces comes from a place of pure talent and passion. His motto in life is ‘Learn something new every day’

Professional Artist

Stas is an extremely talented 2d artist from Estonia. Stas has a real passion for life and loves to travel the world, experiencing new cultures. But most of all he likes drawing. He started drawing as a child, but started to take it more seriously about 7 years ago, when he got his first graphics tablet. During this time, Stas has managed to work on top projects within the gaming industry, most notably World of Warcraft! He found that he really loved to draw and create concepts for computer and mobile games and started with NFTs in 2020 and immediately fell in love with them. For two years Stas has successfully sold his personal illustrations at auctions and when he and his brother, Concore, conceptualised Moon Ape Lab they brought it to life through their art. They are the proud creators of Moon Ape Lab

Professional Artist

Concore is an Estonian 2d artist with a real passion for drawing and digital art. He has been a freelance artist for almost 9 years and started his career from commissions, YouTube fonts and avatars. He then went on to work on a couple of big gaming industry projects, most significantly – World of Warcraft. Vlad is into skating, anime, travelling, video games and NFTs/crypto. He got into NFTs in the wave of 2020 and together he and Stas envisioned the idea and created Moon Ape Lab through their art. Concore fully believes in the strength of our team and is excited for the long term future and branding of Moon Ape Lab

Lead Developer

Endre was born in Norway and now lives in Italy. After 20 years as a programmer, Endre decided he wanted a lifestyle change, and so he left his full-time developer job in Norway to grow grapes and make wine. As a self-proclaimed nerd with a deep interest in web3, Endre is able to bring a wealth of experience to the Moon Ape Lab team. Proficient in everything from WordPress and PHP to C# and React, this is where he thrives. His work is professional, well presented and thorough, resulting in efficient websites/apps that work fast and look great. Moon Ape Lab was his first NFT and he says of his move to Italy ‘I followed the heart, not the wallet’


FixZzEE was born in Bucharest, Romania and wants to become a front-end developer. In his spare time he enjoys playing and creating music, learning more about the NFT space and studying JavaScript and Python. He began his crypto and discord journey in mid 2021 and has since acquired many skills, which include, (but not limited to) reading Etherscan, setting up Discord servers, creating bots and pretty much anything he sets his mind to. He keeps our server extremely secure and monitors trends to ensure we are on top of our safety game. He is loyal, hardworking, extremely competent and a true ambassador of Moon Ape Lab


In the early years of his life, it was obvious that Berlin was a forward thinker and he quickly learned how to navigate his way to financial freedom. He studied architecture and engineering and now manages a healthy property portfolio. Berlin’s interest in technology and new emerging markets is what attracted him to crypto and now that NFTs have shown a steer into a new era of metabusiness, he can apply his visionary approach to real time application and implementation. As one of the key strategists within our team, Berlin has demonstrated that it’s not how it’s broken, but how you fix it that makes a difference. In his spare time, Berlin likes to be outdoors with the dogs, travelling, or when it’s raining, you’ll find him researching or gaming

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