Moon Ape Lab is driven by the holders and led by a team of seasoned professionals who build with, and for,  the community. In June we made our first pivot from a P2E game to a long-term vision where we turn our eye-catching art into a playable asset for the metaverse ecosystem

Owning a Moon Ape NFT is the key to a new era in web development, a gateway to a dynamic way of interacting and connecting digitally, a world where your 3D Avatar becomes your online social identity

Moon Ape Lab Collections are stored as ERC-721 and ERC-1155 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. Ownership and commercial usage rights belong to the active owner of each NFT


The Moon Ape Lab Genesis Collection consists of 8,000 ERC-721 non fungible tokens which reside on the Ethereum Blockchain. The collection minted on the 19th of January 2022 and sold out in under 30 minutes

The new and extended team was formed in May 2022 and is made up of 11 professionals from many different sectors. They are all Moon Ape holders and well established members of the community. You can check them out on the Meet the Team page (click each card to find their Twitter profiles)

Our full moon vision is to be one of the most recognisable digital brands, globally. At Moon Ape Lab we believe that NFTs are the future of social identity and that our brand and our art are well positioned for this next movement of social interaction

A good place would be Discord. We get it – there’s a lot to take in when you join a project that is mid flow, but by joining the community you have access to a ton of people who are ready to patiently help with your specific questions. If you just want to read at leisure, our Whitepaper lays out our past and future and any overlaps of the two

Right now we have varying utilities depending on which collection you hold. Season 2 is a bridging season of gameplay while we build and prepare for the Otherside metaverse to launch. You can find a cheat sheet in our Discord server, or you can find full details in our Whitepaper

All staking is done via our Gameplay page right here

Our 3d Genesis Avatars are currently in the 3D design studios and will be available this year. Please visit our 3d Avatar page

We are really proud of our artists and we would never want to do them, or their work, any disservice by launching during the bear market. We will announce the launch date as soon as we believe that the conditions are primed to receive the true value of our art and the Roadmap that we are building

Contact Info

The best place to find the team is in our Discord, where your messages will be seen the fastest and where we make ourselves available to our holders. Alternatively, if you have a business enquiry, you can email us at

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