Introducing The Moon Ape Lab 3D Avatar Evolution:
Transforming your 2d Ape into a dynamic metaverse persona


Step into the future with 3D Avatars! The Moon Ape Lab community is about to experience a groundbreaking evolution as we unleash our collection of 3d Avatars. Elevate your Moon Ape ownership from static 2D images to interactive, dynamic 3D personas that you can proudly showcase in various metaverses and 3D softwares.
Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting transition and how you can get your hands on these incredible avatars The 3D Avatar

The 3D Avatar Experience:

Imagine owning a Moon Ape that not only represents your unique style but also comes to life in the virtual realm. Our 3D Avatars retain all the characteristics of your beloved 2D apes while adding a new level of depth, realism, and interactivity. With meticulously crafted traits and features, these avatars are primed to become your digital alter ego in the metaverse

How to Obtain Your 3D Avatar:

Rendering Process – Our team has been hard at work crafting each trait to perfection. Using advanced rendering techniques, we’re creating an astounding 8,000 3D avatars that reflect the traits of your 2D apes


Transitioning – As a proud owner of a 2D Moon Ape, you’re already in line for a 3D transformation. Once the rendering process is complete, you will be able to mint and then you will receive a .blend file which contains your unique 3D avatar. This versatile format allows you to export your avatar to different file formats, making it compatible with 3-dimensional environments and supporting softwares

Benefits of 3D Ape Ownership:

Expression – Showcase your Moon Ape like never before, with the ability to pose, animate, and personalise your 3D avatar

Interactivity – Explore new metaverse worlds and platforms using your 3D avatar as your digital identity

Creativity – Animators and artists can leverage these 3D avatars to create unique animations, videos, and artworks

Limited Edition 3D Traits – Select 2D traits will also come to life in the 3D avatars. This ensures that your 3D Moon Ape retains its individuality and unique charm

Unlock the Future:

Our 3D Avatars are more than just digital assets; they are the future of the Moon Ape Lab. Prepare to step into a new realm of creativity, interaction, and expression. Stay tuned for the official release date and instructions on how to mint your 3D avatar

Join the 3D Ape Revolution:

Follow our official communication channels to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements, release details, and exciting surprises. The 3D avatars are set to redefine your Moon Ape experience, and we can’t wait to embark on this journey with our dedicated community!


The transition to 3D avatars marks a pivotal moment in the Moon Ape Lab journey. Prepare to witness your Moon Ape come to life like never before, and get ready to explore the metaverse with your dynamic, interactive 3D persona. Stay connected with us as we unveil this innovative evolution and continue to shape the future of Moon Ape Lab.

3D Traits

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