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1. Give approval

Approval is required in order for staking contract to be able to transfer your Moon Apes for staking process

Please confirm approval transaction in MetaMask


2. Stake

After approval transaction is verified, you can finish the staking process


Play the game, breed, collect, and Get rewarded!

By purchasing Moon Ape Labs collections and perks with accumulated $MAL tokens, you can collect, breed, and mutate your owned Moon Apes, all while collecting more $MAL in the process. New stages are dropped every Sunday, so Ape In now to get started!


SUPPLY: 8000/8000


SUPPLY: 5000/5000


SUPPLY: 0/16000


1 +
SUPPLY: 0/5000


SUPPLY: 0/15000


SUPPLY: 0/15000



H2 2022



There are 5 types of Moon Apes, each generating a different amount of $MAL, which is received every 24 hours (daily) when staked. Staking means that your Moon Ape will be locked until you unstake it. When your Ape is staked, it’s locked out from selling. Your reward depends on the rarity of your Ape — the higher the rarity, the higher the reward, and vice versa. You’ll be able to see your Ape’s type and the accumulated reward on the staking page at https://moonapelabs.io/. Start building your superior strategy and fight your way to the very top!

Please find the rarity and reward table below:

Ape type is based on Rarity.tools rankings

Ape Type Occurrence Daily reward
Common (5201-8000) 35% 150 $MAL
Uncommon (3201-5200) 25% 180 $MAL
Rare (1601-3200) 20% 210 $MAL
Epic (401-1600) 15% 240 $MAL
Legendary (1-400) 5% 300 $MAL

What can the $MAL tokens be used for?

You will be able to purchase cola to breed mutants and enter the Maltar by spending the $MAL tokens you have accumulated. The next roadmap steps may influence your staking reward. We want to ensure that all community members will receive all upcoming perks and utilities, simply by playing the game. Climb our Season 1 Leaderboard and grab the chance to win some cosmically exhilarating prizes!

You are able to buy tickets to the Maltar, and track your tickets on the Moon Board Leaderboard. To do so, you have to contribute 5000 MAL per ticket to the Ticket Booth.

Previously, converting to ERC20 by paying a withdrawal tax of X% $MAL tokens, 40% of collected tax would be split between Moon Ape Lab Pass holders, with the other 60% being split among all staked Moon Treasuries on a weekly basis.

Withdrawals to ERC20 wallets are not available.

Accumulated $MAL can be spent on purchasing Loot Bags. One Loot Bag will boost the staking reward for only one staked Ape. It is impossible to use more than one Loot Bag on a single staked Ape. Please remember that a Loot Bag’s total supply is 5000. The boost you receive from your Loot Bag solely depends on the rarity of the purchased Loot. The rarity of each Loot Bag is set at random, meaning that you can’t choose the type of Loot Bag you will receive.

No matter the number of Apes in your possession, your first 3 Loot Bags will cost the base price of 1,000 $MAL. Your 4th Loot Bag will then cost the base price of 1,000 $MAL, plus an additional 1,000 $MAL, for a total of 2,000 $MAL. This price increases in 1,000 $MAL increments for each additional Loot Bag purchased. Here’s a quick rundown to explain how this works for your first 6:

Loot Bag 1: 1,000 $MAL
Loot Bag 2: 1,000 $MAL
Loot Bag 3: 1,000 $MAL
Loot Bag 4: 2,000 $MAL
Loot Bag 5: 3,000 $MAL
Loot Bag 6: 4,000 $MAL

Please see the table below for rarity percentages:

Loot Type Occurrence Reward boost (multiplier)
Common 45% x1.2
Uncommon 35% x1.5
Rare 15% x2
Legendary 5% x3

Excitingly, you have the opportunity to choose your Pet. The rarity of a Companion depends on the price. The higher the price, the higher the rarity, and vice versa. Moon Pets provide you with an additional reward when staked. Collecting all 8 types of Moon Pets guarantees you the opportunity to claim the Moon Ape Gen Z 3D collection absolutely free!

Please see the table below for rarites and rewards:

Pet type Supply (rarity) Daily reward Price
Basic 4000 (25%) 50 MAL 1200 MAL
Common 3520 (22%) 70 MAL 1600 MAL
Uncommon 2880 (18%) 100 MAL 2000 MAL
Rare 2240 (14%) 140 MAL 2400 MAL
Epic 1600 (10%) 200 MAL 3000 MAL
Mythic 960 (6%) 300 MAL 4000 MAL
Legendary 640 (4%) 450 MAL 5000 MAL
Artifact 160 (1%) 1100 MAL 10000 MAL

A user who holds the MAL Treasury receives 200 $MAL tokens daily when staked. 60% of collected withdrawal tax will be split between all Moon Treasury holders.

Be sure to increase your chances to succeed!

Treasury type Supply (rarity) Daily reward (when staked)
MAL Treasury 772 (100%) 200 MAL

Depending on the number of Apes you own, Crypto Colas can be purchased at no more than their base price. For example, owning 10 Apes will allow you to purchase 10 Crypto Colas of any type, with no adjustment in cost.

For any additional Crypto Colas purchased that exceed the number of Apes in your possession, a surcharge will be applied This charge increases incrementally.

Below is an example of how this surcharge applies for Crypto Colas that exceed the number of your owned Apes:

1st Additional Cola = Base Price x2
2nd Additional Cola = Base Price x3
3rd Additional Cola = Base Price x4
... etc

The three types of Crypto-Cola available for minting are cans, bottles, and barrels, with each type standing at a different price point. You will need Coke for breeding purposes, so make sure to spend your $MAL balance wisely!


Crypto Cola Type Supply Price
Can 7000 1500 MAL
Bottle 6000 3000 MAL
Barrel 2000 7000 MAL

Breeding results do not directly correlate with the rarity of your Moon Ape, however it does correlate with the type of Crypto-Cola you own. The breeding collection contains an astounding 15,000 Mutants, all varying in rarity and unique traits.

One Moon Ape can be bred into as many Mutants as you wish — it all depends on the amount of Coke you own. By owning 3 Crypto-Colas, you have the possibility to breed 3 Mutants out of 1 Moon Ape. Keep in mind, that the original Moon Ape will not be lost. Breeding will cost 5000 $MAL.

Crypto Cola Type Resulting Breeding Type
Can Common
Bottle Rare
Barrel Legendary

By collecting all 8 types of Moon Pets, you will be guaranteed access to the Moon Ape Generation Z Collection, completely free of charge! Try your luck in ‘Maltar’, and you might just be fortunate enough to obtain some free claims via your spin. NB! There will only be 500x 3D rare-as-hell NFTs in this collection!

We proudly present our very own MALTAR, that will definitely be keeping you on edge! By paying a fixed price of $MAL, you will have the chance to use your tickets at the MALTAR

Down below is what you stand to gain

  • 2 x 1/1
  • 50 x Season 2 Free Mint
  • 30 x Genesis Ape
  • 30 x Mutants

That's a total of 112 prizes & remember ALL tickets will be entered into ALL draws. We will publish the number of tickets and odds of winning after the 15th

Draws will be live and tamper-proof EVERY 48 hours

  • 5 winners per draw for the first two weeks = 35 prizes
  • 4 winners per draw for two weeks = 28 prizes
  • 3 winners per draw for two weeks = 21 prizes
  • 2 winners per draw for two weeks = 14 prizes
  • 1 winner per draw for four weeks = 14 prizes

Every two weeks Moon Ape Lab will organize a raffle inside the ecosystem, which will consist of either $MAL, NFTs, or ETH raffles. Depending on the raffle type, the raffle entry price will vary.

You can contribute $MAL to Moon Ape Lab Ticket Booth. Every 5,000 $MAL burned will buy you 1 $MALTAR Ticket. The more tickets you manage to accumulate, the higher your placement on the Moon Board. Join the race and win dopamine-inducing prizes!


As the season 1 end is upon us, we look to make continuous advances to the MAL ecosystem.

$MAL tokens are received as rewards for staking your NFTs.

Yes, staking is a blockchain transaction and gas is required.

No, the team has no bearing or influence over the LP and the price of the token.

Players will be rewarded with $MAL tokens for staking. Tokens may then be exchanged for Crypto-Cola.

No, rarity is set completely at random.

Yes, you are free to choose a Moon Pet type when purchasing.

No, this has been disabled. MAL tokens are currently available for Mutants and the Maltar.